Monday, June 18, 2012

June 18, 2012

Taking one step forward.  My last day of work was Fri., June 15.  Today, I went to PSERS and filled out all the paperwork.  The PPS paperwork is also done.  I attended the wonderful end-of-year/retirement parties for both Pgh. Phillips and Spring Hill K-5 schools.  The former school made a donation in my honor to a charity of my choice and the latter game me a great Work Time Clock.  It is currently set for Pittsburgh time as the base and Central African time on right.  (I had to put the plane in Paris since there are no holes for places in Africa!  Can't imagine why...)

Now on to packing - stuff to take to the orientation in Toronto (July 8 - 27), to Africa, and to go into storage!  I took another trunk-load of stuff to Goodwill - always a sense of accomplishment.  Now, if someone would just sort through a lot of the papers and other minutia I have, I could just take it easy and relax (as if I could!)

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