Friday, November 23, 2012

Moved into My House!

Move accomplished, but the work is far from done!  I am so pleased.  From the time I work up this morning, I started moving my things from the guest house to the one that is now mine.  I got help from Luc, the station manager and two others who work on the station – to move furniture around – in the house and between houses.  They also moved my suitcases and larger boxes.  It’s great to have a pick up at times like this.  Of course, we didn’t use mine since it has the tarp on the back; we borrowed Joe’s.

Then, I was going to sit and rest – after all, I am getting over a sinus infection (much better today with the new antibiotic I got yesterday).  But, then, we needed to turn on the generator (not usual during the day) so I decided to try out my “new” washer.  It is a Maytag from the US that I think is older than the Maytag I bought when I got my house in 1985…  It works, though; what else do I need???  So then I decided to unpack some things and make the place look more livable. 

Getting curtains made is a priority.  I got rings to sew on, but have to first decide what kind of material.  I want something that is not too dark, but do I want the same for all windows?  (Don’t know yet…)  In the meantime, I borrowed a couple of sheets from the guest house and put them up.  I also put up other material.  The problem is that these don’t open easily so the air doesn’t move well.  Finding material I like will be a priority.

I am borrowing couch cushions, dishes, pots, and silverware from the two guest houses.  I need to go to N’gaoundéré the second week of December, so I will get my own then.  I will also make a list of niceties or art to add as well.  (I have already bought a few paintings and sculptures that have made a drop in the bucket of home décor.) 

Currently, I am sharing my house with mud dauber wasps.  They look vicious, but don’t sting.  Still, I’d rather they go somewhere else…

I want to get porch furniture so I can watch sunsets, but I will have to find someone who can make it for me, so that will wait for a bit.  Curtains, first! 

My parting gift clock also now has a permanent home on the table beside my bed.  I like thinking of the Spring Hill friends who gave it to me and being able to tell the time in CAR and PA at the same time.  
Living Room

Living Room bookshelves

My Office

Today is the day we are celebrating Thanksgiving.  Joe Troester is preparing a duck and Deb Troester has made a pumpkin pie and mashed potatoes.  Esther, Danish nurse working in Gallo has come to share it with us.  I was thankful before that the house was ready.  Now I am even more grateful to be living in it.

So, I am tired from all I did today, but happy to be “home” – well almost.  I am at Troesters for Internet (wiring to my house to come next week, I hope) and duck! 

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