Friday, January 25, 2013


It rained last night.  That doesn’t sound like anything unusual, but here it is!  This is the dry season.  It’s not supposed to rain until April, yet in the middle of the night we had a monster of a storm – torrential rain, thunder, lightning, wind, the whole nine yards.

It had been cloudy all day and not nearly as hot as the day before.  In fact, the wind in the evening and the gray sky made me think of rain – by Pennsylvania standards – and, I guess, by those here as well. 

This morning is fresh and cool.  I wonder…  I had heard that several days ago it had rained in Yaoundé, but that is much further south so I thought it was a special case.  Then I heard it rained “en brousse” in a small town not too far south of here.  The man who told me about it was amazed and said it must be global warming.  Now, it has rained in Garoua Boulai!  Maybe he is right.  What will the rest of the “dry” season be like??

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