Monday, March 17, 2014

Snow and the Hospital - in Pennsylvania

St. Patrick's Day!  This is much more of an event in the US than in Cameroon/CAR.  Stating the obvious, I know.  I am aware of the holiday because I am currently in Mechanicsburg, PA because of my father’s medical crisis.  I am happy to report that he is out of the hospital and in rehab.  It will be a long, slow road back to where he was, but I am very grateful for the slow, steady progress.  Thanks to all who have been praying.  For those of you who are hearing for the first time, please feel free to pray for his continued progress and healing.

Mom fixing Dad's dinner tray
I have been stuck by the differences between hospitals in the US and Cameroon.  Wow.  Here’s a picture of the outside of Holy Spirit Hospital where Dad spent several weeks.  Look at the size!  He had to be in Intensive Care for a while and the array of machines and materials was truly impressive.  Because he had a couple of infections, we had to wear gowns and gloves to be in the room – everyone did and they had to be changed each time one entered the room.  Think of the number of gowns and gloves we went through!  I think we’ll be setting the new fashion trend – what do you think???

Dad at Rehab
When Dad was moved to Manor Care for rehab, we immediately noticed that his room seemed larger and quieter.  The hospital bed is there, but none of the other machines.  Nurses, aides, and therapists go in and out a lot, but it is still calmer.  He is very fortunate to be at a place that is well run and has extremely caring and competent staff.  What a blessing!

Of course, I flew to Philadelphia (and drove to Mechanicsburg with my niece and her boyfriend) at the tail end of the Polar Vortex – cold!  I could not have made the trip without much support in Cameroon – to get me from Garoua Boulai to Yaoundé airport, to arrange the ticket, and even to lend me a coat and gloves.  Many thanks to friends there.

 Here’s a couple of snow pictures from around my parents’ house – not so deep, but much more than we get in Garoua Boulai!  Since I arrived, it has been warmer and the snow is melting, but they are talking about cold again today with possible snow.  Ah, March – in like a lion and out like a lamb (if we are lucky).

Later in the week!

I will be going back to Cameroon soon, so the next blog entry should be from there again.

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