Friday, May 16, 2014

Home Assignment Visits and Request for Topics

I am very thankful for the many people who support the work of the Evangelical Lutheran Church – Central African Republic and my work with this church.  I especially appreciate all those who have not yet met me!

I will have the opportunity to meet many supporters starting at the end of May.  I will be visiting: North Dakota (east and west), Texas, Louisiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, Delaware, and, of course, Pennsylvania. 

I have, in fact, already had the chance to talk to people at my home church, East Liberty Lutheran Church in Pittsburgh, PA and most of the students at my “old” school, Phillips Spanish Emphasis Elementary School (also in Pittsburgh).

Singila mingui (many thanks) again to all who support work in the CAR – in all of the ways that you do it.  Hope to see you soon!

It is much harder for me to think of blog entry topics while I am here in PA.  Here’s your challenge:  Pick some aspect of life in the US which you would like me to compare to life in CAR/Cameroon.


  1. How about the concept of friendship? How is it different/similar to the US? How about medical care? How is it different/similar to the US?

  2. Friendship - a great idea for a blog entry. I have written about medical care a couple of times, but I am sure it will come up again.

  3. Thanks for your reflections. Our congregation, Our Savior's Lutheran in Valley City, ND, plans to begin sponsoring you this summer. I'm excited to have found your blog and have enjoyed the reflections I've read through this morning. A few other ideas-perhaps you've already covered some of these things in earlier posts... (love the friendship one!) Transportation, Clothes/Shoes, Family, Worship Services, Hope/Peace, Animals. Looking forward to being connected and learning about the CAR and Cameroon through your experiences.
    -Pastor Emmy Swedlund