Sunday, June 1, 2014

Windy, Flat, and Friendly

I have started visiting supporters and
what a great way to start!  I arrived in Bismarck, North Dakota Wednesday afternoon.  Pastor Paul Schauer met me at the airport and I have been staying with him.

That same evening I spoke to Sunne Lutheran Church’s Vacation Bible School. Since then I have been at the WND synod assembly.  I got to speak during the Gala organized to raise funds for the Central African Republic where I gave an overview of my work.  The next day I was able to speak to the whole assembly about the ELCA’s part in Humanitarian Aid to CAR.  I’ve also have various opportunities to speak to people informally.  The Rev. Dr. Andrea Walker, Area Director for Western and Central Africa, was also at the assembly and led a forum session.

This is my first visit to North Dakota.  My first impressions are that people are very friendly and welcoming.  I am pleased to meet the people who are so open to supporting missions around the world, including in the CAR.

I can also say that it is WINDY here!  I guess I should have expected it because the area is very flat and the wind comes from far away and builds up speed with few hills, mountains, etc. to slow things down.  It was particularly windy on Thursday.  The weather is also cooler than in PA (overall) and spring is several weeks being PA.  On the other hand, Thurs. the temperature was in the upper 80s.  Today, though, it is in the upper 60s. 

It is no wonder that there are now many wind towers in the area producing electricity.  I’m told that sometimes they have to turn them off because the wind gets to strong!  Imagine.

I have had some time to see sites in Washburn, Wilton, and Bismarck.  Merriweather Lewis and William Clark came through this area in the early 1800s as they mapped, explored, and collected plant and animals aided by Sakakawea and other Native Americans.  In fact the highway on the east side of the Missouri River is number 1804 and on the west side it’s 1806 to commemorate the years the Lewis and Clark passed through the area.  Much of the area looks like it did when Lewis and Clark passed through. 

Here’s a picture of the famous team with Pastor Paul included in the consultation.

This will be posted from Eastern North Dakota when I find an internet connection.  I am pleased to be able to visit this part of the state, too, but will write more about that another day.  

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