Saturday, September 20, 2014

Roofing the Church, Part 2 and Other News

Roofing the Church, Part 2

Yesterday I had the chance to visit the Garouaseye Evangelical Lutheran Church here in Garoua Boulai.  This is the church that was to have a new roof put on with the group who was here from South Dakota.   I wrote about the trip in a blog on Feb. 26, 2014.  Then, the walls collapsed as everyone was working on the roof construction.  I am happy to say that the few people who were injured are well again and back working on the church!

I believe that the building will be even larger than the last time.  As you can see in the pictures, though, there is are many more supports and buttresses.  It looks solid and strong.  The workers had advice from an architect and others from N’gaoundéré to be sure the building would stand this time!  They are almost ready for the roof. I am including a photo of the current church for comparison.

Other News

Thursday and Friday the new Sous-Prefet for this region visited institutions and stores in town.  He came to the Protestant Hospital Thursday and the Bible School Friday.  (I happened to be at the hospital so was introduced there and then was present at the Bible School since teach one course there.)  There were about twenty people in the entourage and I didn’t want to take a picture of him/them.  (Too many military and police to do that without express permission!)  I did take a picture of Bible School people.  The first photo shows the new Director (and Regional Bishop) Garga-Zizi; the Accountant and teacher Pastor Nguia; and a new professor Pastor Djomo (who came from N’gaoundéré).  The other picture is the 16 new students who will train to be catechists.  There should be 17 in the picture since Leonel who started last year is also present.  I am happy to see that there is one woman in the class.  (Not enough for me, really, but better than none.)

I spent more time shopping in the market the other day.  (No pictures; I didn’t think of it.)  Not only do some butchers have new tile tables, the center part of the market has the old tables with more butchers selling meat. I hear that they will soon be getting tile counters as well – they are being made, I’m told.  The women who sell manioc, greens, and other items, as well as some men who have small tables of miscellaneous items, have been moved outside the major square of stores. There is more room there and covered wooden stalls are being constructed.  There seem to be many more sellers overall – must be the increased number of people in town because of the refugees and other Central Africans.  Similar choice of items for sale, just people more selling it.

I put maps on the walls of my living/dining room/office.  I can now see CAR, Cameroon, the world, Pennsylvania, North Dakota, Iowa, and Louisiana. (If those of you from Texas would like to be represented as well, please send a road map!)  What I did with my summer vacation…

Speaking of more…  There is more laundry drying on the lawn and fences near the hospital – because of the increased number of patients (many refugees) in the hospital and Doctors Without Borders Clinic.  There is also a lot more mud!  It has been raining – hard – daily, and often for hours.  These increased rains mean the dry season is almost upon us.  It will be easier to get around, dustier, and hotter.  And, a break from the mud.... 
Seasons will be changing soon in the USA.  I will miss the autumn leaves changing, but not the cold. J

Stay well.  Be active in service: God’s Work, Our Hands.  Pray for peace, especially in the CAR.

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