Monday, January 26, 2015

Working with the Regional Reps

Earlier this month I was feeling frustrated because I didn't have enough work to do.  Some people I work with were getting a slow start after the new year.  Some Central Africans have become involved in the Humanitarian Aid project I wrote about last time and have had little time to come to GB to work with me as they get it off the ground.  The Village School Program has trained some new teachers and personnel have busy daily for a couple of months and couldn’t come to GB.  (More on that when I have some pictures and a more complete report on the work, but it is exciting, right?  8 people finished the training, 2 of them women.)

I talked to Anne and Willie Langdji by email and on the phone, but Anne said, “Come to Yaoundé where we can talk face to face.”  I came last Wednesday and head back to GB today.  It was a wonderful idea to come.  We have fleshed out next steps (for many projects).  We have worked on planning a training session related to the new (again) forms the ELCA is using for Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation (PME).  We spent a long time working together in ways we could not have easily done on the phone or online.  I've got lots to do again and feel productive again!

While in the capital, I did some shopping, got some printing done, visited with people, etc.  Several Central Africans studying or working in Yaoundé came for lunch yesterday.  The former director of the Bible School in GB who is now a parish priest in Yaoundé stopped by this morning for some coffee.  A couple of people from the USA came Sat. night and left this morning for N’gaoundéré.  And, of course, I visited with the Langdjis.  Micah is of the age that he loves to chase and be chased.  He also has a great new toy helicopter that he can fly. 

I didn't take many pictures because the stuff I did wasn’t new and I didn’t always have my camera with me.  I must be at home here now!

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