Thursday, May 21, 2015

How Do You Like to Celebrate?

Yesterday was Unity Day in Cameroon. This national holiday celebrates the time when British and French-colonized areas were united into one Cameroon.  In GB, the biggest part of the celebration is the parade of educational institutions. 

I have never been much for watching parades. As most places I have been it’s hard to find a spot where you can see well.  And, here it involves standing in the tropical sun and a lot of waiting since things never start at the announced time.  I heard that in Yaoundé there were fireworks, but not in Garoua Boulai.

So, if you were here, how would you celebrate this holiday?  Here’s what I did.  I decided to take a day to relax.  Two Evangelical missionaries were passing through and stayed with me as they tried to resolve car troubles.  They left before 7 a.m.  Yes, I was up since my internal alarm gets me up between 5:30 and 6 every morning.  A little later, Regional Bishop Nestor stopped by.  He is newly elected and had been in GB for a seminar, but was heading back to Yaoundé after the parade.  (He has not yet moved back and the official installation has not yet happened, but will sometime soon.)  After they all left, I went back to bed to read for a while.  Well, as you might imagine, that turned into a nap! 

Throughout the day I did read the mediocre mystery set at an archaeological dig in the Yucatan, Mexico.  I had expected to be more interested since I have been to the Yucatan and am interested in archaeology, in general, and the Maya, in particular.  What a disappointment.  I had figured out most of the mystery before the book was half over.  I did finish it, though.  And, interestingly, when someone came to the door I called him señor!  Later, on the phone ½ of a French sentence came out in Spanish!  Interesting, the book I was reading was in English with only a few phrases of Spanish thrown in, but my brain switched!

I spent some time reading email and cleaning out part of my inbox, but any answers that required much thought got put off until today.

I also cut my own hair; it is easier than going to someone who cuts hair with electric clippers or a razor blade…  And, when one is one’s own barber, she can’t complain about the quality and can later pick up the scissors again to trim the parts that got missed!  Here’s a picture.  I am blessed with wavy hair that looks pretty good even when cut by an amateur who has to do it backwards (looking in the mirror) or by feel – for the back! 

Do you notice the Pittsburgh Spring Hill K-5 t-shirt that looks brand new?  It basically is.  Comp Dog decided to stay in Baboua when I evacuated so he rested there about 2 ½ years!  I got him back mid-April.  He took good care of himself and kept the mice away from chewing his shirt.  He didn't, however, keep those mice away from other clothes that came back holey!  (So glad to have provided nesting material while I was gone…) 

I also watched “Chocolat” yesterday – DVD borrowed from the Langdjis.  I had seen it when it first came out and enjoyed watching it again. 

Although my holiday was very different from most Cameroonians (and they would not understand my desire to spend it alone), I had a great relaxing day.  I’m ready to jump back into making comments/suggestions on planning documents for programs in CAR and Cameroon! (Well, mostly…)

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