Friday, July 1, 2016

More Hospitality

I am continuing my home assignment tour, currently in the Texas-Louisiana-Gulf-Coast Synod.  As in North Dakota, hospitality abounds and is very warm and generous.  I am only half-way through my visit in this synod, but wanted to past some pictures of welcoming hosts. 

In Columbus, TX I stayed with Pastor Alan Kethan and his wife Debbie and preached at three services at St. Paul’s.  Debbie even had a dress from Liberia to complement the one I wore  from CAR. 

Next I went to Brenham, TX and stayed with Ruth Kelling.  I spoke at two meetings (council at St. Paul’s and mission committee at Christ) but also had a chance to visit the Star of the Republic Museum to learn (or relearn) about the time that Texas was an independent republic from 1836-46.  They announced their independence from Mexico (and fought for it) but since many settlers came from the USA, many always hoped to become part of the US; they became a state in 1846. 

Wednesday I flew to New Orleans where Chuck Short met me and brought  me to his house not far from Baton Rouge. Yesterday we had the chance to visit the French quarter in New Orleans and even take a half-hour buggy tour to get the low-down on history of the area.  I don’t think I have ever taken a buggy ride.  (I had expected it to be horse-drawn, but it was pulled by a mule which is better suited to the heat and humidity of the city.)  This evening I will be speaking at an International Dinner at St. Paul’s, Baton Rouge. 
(Ever notice that MANY Lutheran churches choose to name their congregations after Paul?  I am sure that is not a coincidence.)

Tomorrow I go back to Houston (and for one day to Lake Jackson) to speak to several more congregations.  All is going well – hope it continues this way… 

In many of these places, I have been able to continue my daily walks which I greatly appreciate since I am eating way more delicious food that I need!  For example, in New Orleans Chuck and I stopped for beignets and coffee (with chicory) at Café du Monde.  CAR and Cameroon have beignets, too, but they are smaller, round, and don’t come with powdered sugar.  Too bad I never thought to take a picture of those so you could see the different.  These were, as you might imagine, delicious. 

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  1. The hosts look very welcoming and seem to enjoy your company. Thanks for sharing the pictures. We look forward to more updates from you. Love your blog!