Sunday, September 1, 2013

Lawn to Mud

Torrential rains.  We talk about them in the US, but they come most days here in Garoua Boulai at this time of year.  The skies open and buckets of water fall for an hour or several.  Since the ground is made of a lot of clay, it doesn’t soak in quickly, especially not after several days of heavy rain in a row. 
Well, my parking lot (I mean, front yard, where various Central African missionary vehicles are parked) was the site of a challenge last week. Charlemagne was trying to take one of the vehicles out onto the road.  He backed up into what was a small hole and got stuck.  Tires spinning, rocking-doing-no-good, really stuck kind of a hole!  I happened to be nearby, so, of course, I took pictures.   
Putting the Land Cruiser into 4-wheel drive finally got it out of the hole.  Who’d have imagined one needed 4-wheel drive in my yard!  I thought you all might enjoy (!) some pictures of a yard that is sometimes more swamp than grass. 

The larger hole after the incident!

May all of your travels so smoothly without mud traps.

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