Sunday, September 22, 2013

New Lawnmowers! And other neighbors

Even the proverbial black sheep!
 So, look at the new addition to the Lutheran compound here in Garoua Boulai!  Sheep now wander around eating grass.  Certainly a natural way to help keep the grass shorter!  And, that grass is growing fast since we are having LOTS of rain.  This is the rainiest part of the rainy season – steady, soaking rains like now and torrential downpours with lots of thunder and lightning at other times.  In between we get either overcast days or glorious sun (like yesterday).  All part of the natural cycle.

 The chickens (with rooster) continue to “visit.”  This photo was taken just outside my front door where they have made shallow impressions where they lay.  And the dogs continue to roam around.  A couple found a refuge from the rain and chill on my back porch.  (Notice they are not particularly well cared for.  It’s hard to provide food and medical care for dogs when there is often not enough for family…)

Also wandering around near my house now are some pigs.  I swear the other day I saw a pig chasing a dog!  It sure looked like they were playing although I know it’s more likely that I got that backwards.  The next day a dog was definitely chasing a pig – and caught him.  He was squealing, well, like a stuck pig.  Fortunately, one of the human neighbors went and broke them apart. 

I am not sure who come into some money and was able to buy this livestock.  It is all free-ranging, though!  I don’t mind any of the noises they make – and I didn’t mind the frogs either.  But, recently, as it gets dark, the cicadas (or some such insect) start to “sing” and it’s like fingernails grating on a chalk board.  Several times I have had to leave the living room because their noise was so loud and grating.  I am glad they don’t sing all night – or all year long!

Otherwise, life continues as always.  Please continue to pray for peace in the Central African Republic.  The need is great. 


  1. Thanks for the amusing blog entry! It's good to know that life is going on as usual in Garoua-Boulai.

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